About Us

The primary objective of this Co-operative is to provide services to its members and thus enabling them to attain increased income and savings, investments, productivity, and purchasing power and promote among them equitable distribution of net surplus through maximum utilization of economies of scale, cost-sharing with minimum risk.

Through this Co-operative, it is envisaged that everyone in the private education industry will unite and grow to be an influential voice and force in the nation.


To be a leading Malaysian private education co-operative committed to serving its members and to the well being of the society.


To establish a strong network among members, to empower them through education and training opportunities, to enable them to enjoy welfare and financial assistance benefits, and to create investment opportunities for good returns.

Our Aims

  • To be a commercially successful business organization giving everyone in the industry a chance to be a direct stakeholder
  • To upgrade skills and knowledge of members
  • To provide financial assistance and incentives for those who qualify
  • To tie up with strategic partners for lifestyle activities for members
  • To inspire society through the Co-operative’s dynamism and ideals
Dato R.Rajendran, Chairman of EduCoop giving a briefing on EduCoop’s By Laws


Dato’ R.Rajendran and Mr Lee Seng Chee, presenting a token of appreciation to Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Yahaya Ibrahim, Patron/Yang Dipertua of EduCoop


Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Yahaya Ibrahim presenting a token of appreciation to Puan Sabariah from Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia

Logo Rationale


YELLOW represents Optimism: Its overtly eye-catching nature makes yellow instantly prominent and forms an integral part of the Cooperative’s corporate Identity.

GREEN represents Lively Potential: Its freshness depicts the great hope for a bountiful harvest for everyone in the Cooperative.

RED represents Dynamic Activity: Its strong outlook characterizes the numerous rewarding activities of the Cooperative

BLUE represents Vast Outreach: Its all-encompassing nature gives reassurance that none will be left out and every stakeholder benefits

Shape & Pattern:

The four-coloured elements arranged in a circle symbolize equality for all members and togetherness in realizing the objectives of the Cooperative.  This is complemented by the depiction of the elements in motion, reflecting a dynamic entrepreneurial environment of the Cooperative

Certificate of Registration

Certificate of Registration

Koperasi Pendidikan Swasta Malaysia Berhad (W-6-0891)
Private Education Co-operative of Malaysia


By-Laws (Undang – Undang Kecil)